The web is great

Let’s start of by saying: I think the web is great. Whatever you look for, you can find it, if only you know where to look. So on this website you will find bits and pieces I have found on the web (Particularly in the blog section of the site), as well as bits and pieces I personally created and want to share with the rest of the web community. So.. I am all in favour of sharing information and items on the web.

Ground rules I try and respect

When I find information that is relevant to readers of this site, and I think that I do not want to rewrite the information and add information to it, I have one ground rule: Be honest about the source. So all posts will have links to the source websites whenever I have taken information from them and used this on my site. Really important websites I have added in a list of links, where you will for instance find manuals for software.

When using images, I will try to verify the ownership of the image, and the usage rules the author has added to these images. Often these are images used as illustration to my posts. As a ground rule, a link to the page in which the image is featured will be added. If you do find images on my site to which you hold the ownership, and you object to the referencing, or even the usage, of such image, please contact me. I will then take appropriate actions.

Groundrules I expect others to respect

I put a lot of effort in trying to create content that is interesting, usefull and different from the content available on the web. I do appreciate that this may result in content that other websites would like to use. My rules for usage of site content:


Any of my images may be used online under the following conditions:
– Images are available for non-commercial activities which in general improve the web, with clear reference to the source of the material, which must including a link to
– No image shall be used of which the longest side is more than 750 pixels
– Images shall always be accompagnied with a clear label and link indicating the source of the material
– The usage of more than 5 images on your site is restricted to written permission only. This mean that you shall not create galleries from my images, photoalbums or written guides completely illustrated with my images, unless you have explicit permission from me.
– The usage of the image is not part of any for-profit scheme such as e-card services, Calenders, paid-for tutorials etc.< br />
* No images may be used in printed form or mass-distributed media (such as newsletters) without written consent.


All text on this website is create by the owner of the website, with the exception of reviews / recommendation posts on websites. In the case that texts are not written by the author, clear links to the source websites are made available. All tutorials en experience texts are therefor my own creative work.

Please respect the time and effort put in creating original content. Re-use of sections of pages is permitted, in which case clear links to the original content must be made available. Do not copy complete tutorials and pages without contacting me. If you have an open access website without a commercial focus we will come to a workable situation.

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